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Shourya has been playing the drums for the past 12 years and has performed with numerous talented musicians across the country. During this journey, he has done quite a few live shows and drum masterclasses. He completed his diploma in music from the K.M. Conservatory of Music and also completed his 6th grade for drums from Trinity College London. Green Day, Linkin Park, Plini, Chon, Animals as Leaders are some of the artists and bands that have inspired him over the years to play and compose music.

Contact for studio/ live/ drum lessons :



Dexter is an indie musician hailing from Mumbai and has been playing the bass for 4 years. He believes in a versatile and intricate yet simple and groove-based playing style. He has been working as a session artist as well as a Live performer for various bands. His major influences range from  Jaco Pastorius, Sheldon D'Silva, Eminem all the way to Bullet for My Vallentine, Linking Park, Coshish, and many more. Dexter believes in dedication, sincerity, consistency, and growth at each moment.

Contact for studio/ live/ bass lessons :


Instagram : dexter_bassist

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