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Beauty in stillness

Have you ever observed your state of mind on a beach or on a trek in the forest? For a few moments, all your thoughts take a backseat and you are completely emersed in your surroundings. Notice how your worries, deadlines, thoughts fade away into oblivion and get replaced by the experience of being present in the place that you are currently at. There is a lot to learn from this immersive experience. The moment is so beautiful, so surreal that it hijacks your mind for a brief period of time. If you can pay close attention to this brief moment in time, a lot of interesting things will stare right back at you. One of them being the stillness of this very moment. Carefully observe how still and everlasting it feels. With mindfulness practices, you can prolong this state of mind and dissect this stillness even further. What is this stillness? is it actually how you are from the inside or is it how your surroundings make you feel? Should you even differentiate between the two in the first place? Is it the result of giving your full attention to something? What is this stillness after all?

I know for sure that being mindful of this restful state gives me some crazy insights into my mind and body. You will feel an unbelievably strong connection with your body too if you give it a shot. This connection is essential to understand why you want to wake up the next day and do what you always do. Heighten your perspective and do let me know how it feels. Stay creative!

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1 Comment

Manjula Jadhav
Manjula Jadhav
Oct 19, 2021

Nice writing Nishit. I always feel this moment when I sit near Seashore , while watching Sunset or Sunrise

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